If you love what you do, becoming a workaholic isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is especially true for entrepreneurs. You need to put in long hours to make your business a success. Hard work never hurt anyone. The downside of being a workaholic is professional burnout. Its great to have the attitude of work before play. But, if you always put work before everything in your life, it can have a negative effect. Recent studies have shown that working over 40 hours a week can make you less productive overall. Even worse, if you aren’t getting the necessary amount of sleep each night you can have long term health problems. These are links between sleeplessness and Alzheimer’s disease. But if you are a workaholic, how can you curb this? We have some great tips for you.

Scheduling Fun

If you are a workaholic, you most likely have a strict schedule of your responsibilities. Why can’t you include fun activities in this schedule? It’s a great idea to plan at least one hour of time during your day to yourself. Work related activities are not to be included during this time. You can take your lunch break outside, or use your commute home from work to listen to an audiobook. If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can schedule seeing a movie with friends. It may be easy to cancel these plans if you are a workaholic, so try buying the tickets in advance so you can’t back out to work longer.


Being accountable to take time off of work is really hard for workaholics. Especially if you an entrepreneur. More and more tasks can pile up during the day that you want to take care of right away. Your friends and family can help hold you accountable for leaving work at a decent hour. One great idea is to have your mom or sister call you at a specific time. It doesn’t have to be a long chat, but they will remind you to wrap up for the night. If you work better with a reward system in place, a significant other or friend can help. Set up a designated time you should be done with work. They can reward you with eating out for dinner, or buying you a cup of coffee the next day. When workaholics get wrapped in in a task, it can sometimes be hard for them to tear themselves away from work.


Everyone knows the basic benefits of exercise. Unfortunately, workaholics usually spend most of their time at their desks. Did you know that getting regular exercise actually helps you be more productive at work? Studies have shown it reduces stress and enhances creativity and concentration. If you are more efficient during the time you are working, the less extra time that you need to work. You will get much more done during your working hours. You can schedule exercise just like you schedule meetings. Set up an event on your calender with reminders. You don’t need to start with anything crazy Even a walk around the block will help your mental capacity.


Setting boundaries is especially hard for workaholics. Because they love working, they are willing to take calls or answer emails at all hours. You have to train yourself to scale back on these bad habits. Start by setting a cut off time each night and stick to it. You aren’t going to lose a client or get fired if you do not respond to an email after 9 pm on a work night. It is also a good habit to unplug from work during the weekend. If you continue to check your phone, you are never really not working.