Recently there has been a debate about working in large corporate offices. Although they look great on your resume, it comes at a cost. Recently, many companies have opted to go with a shared workspace. Some of these cons can be very expensive for a large company. From business expenses to sick days, these all eat away at your bottom line. Corporations have been starting to chose shared workspaces over corporate offices.


One obvious disadvantage for working in a corporate office is the daily commute. Considering traffic in metro areas, the morning and evening commute could easily be over an hour each way. A commuter train or bus is a good way to save miles and gas for your car. Unfortunately, both of these options are not reliable consistently. Fighting traffic to be at your desk by a certain time is extremely stressful. Working remotely from a shared workspace is a better option. These are already stocked with all of the office items that you will need. Also, most have extended hours. This makes your start time and end time more relaxed.


Sick days are another reason why shared workspaces have become more popular. When corporate employees get sick, many times they still decide to go to work. This is one of the reasons that illnesses spread so fast in an office environment. Germs spread really quickly in close quarters. Each sick day that an employee needs to take is a loss of revenue that day for you. When employees are using shared workspaces instead, they are used to working from different locations. When they are sick, they can work remotely from home until they are better. This will keep your workplace safe from a virus that destroys profits.

Extra Costs

Maintaining a large office includes a lot of overhead costs. Rent, electricity, equipment, furniture and office supplies are all examples of these extra costs. The benefit of a shared workspace is that all of these extra costs are included in your monthly membership. Over time, these small costs really add up. It also complicates your corporate taxes. Granted these are all write-offs, but they all must be listed out accurately. A monthly fee is a much easier deduction from your taxes.


Each member of your team being productive is important to your business. In recent studies, crowded offices actually detract from productivity. Workers get pulled in a lot of different directions during their day in a regular office setting. Coworkers will ask for help or a new priority will come up that trumps other priorities. This leads to a lack of focus. A shared workspace is different in this regard. All of the workers are working for different companies. The distractions are much less.


Surprisingly, another huge distraction is noise. In an busy office, the noise of phones, printers and other employees can be quite intense. Unfortunately, it is human nature to pay attention to another human voice. This can divert your attention away from the task that you are working on. Once you become distracted, it takes double the time to find where you left off.