In today’s economy, its become very popular to be a freelancer. As a freelancer, you are able to be more in control of your career. This can include taking short term assignments that will boost your future business prospects. You can also focus on taking on projects that interest you. One misconception about being a freelancer is that you can work from absolutely anywhere. It may work in theory, but doesn’t work logistically. Working from home can be distracting. It can also be isolating without having human contact. Being a freelancer at a coffee shop can be noisy with spotty internet service. A coworking space is the best solution for these problems.


Working from home is every office workers dream. In an office, things come up that steal your productivity. Some examples of this are unimportant meetings, frivolous requests from colleagues or office gossip. Its absolutely true as a freelancer, you want to be as productive as you can be. Unfortunately, working from home can become depressing and cause anxiety. Being alone all day can cause feelings of isolation. This can slow down your productivity. This is one of the reason that coworking spaces have become so popular. It gives you human contact without the extra stress of office politics.


Freelancers that work from home are also at a risk for burnout. Because there isn’t a separation from the office and home, workers feel like they are never off the clock. Its easy to fall into the routine off logging on to work at odd hours just because its easy to do. This isn’t good for a work life balance. Unless you are great at compartmentalizing your day, freelancers can eventually experience burnout.


Being a freelancer can have some unexpected expenses that may throw off your budget. Technology sometimes goes bad. An older printer may crash, you may need updated programs to finish your work. These can be expensive items. Coworking spaces make much more sense. You can rent workstations and items such as printers are updated. Its easier to set a business budget with a reoccurring monthly expense of a membership. Plus, this monthly fee is fully tax deductible.


Another problem is selling your professional services. If you are working from home, you will have to devote time to go out and try to get your next project. Shared workspaces are actually a great place for sales leads. You see the same people everyday. Their fields of business are different than yours. Many times these entrepreneurs will need to hire freelancers to complete tasks that are out of their scope of business. Its easy to hire someone that you know and see producing consistent work. Word of mouth hiring is an often overlooked avenue.

Technical Issues

Technical support is another good reason to choose coworking vs. working from home. When you are alone and you have technical issues, there isn’t anyone to turn to in order tp help you fix the problem. In a shared workspace, there are resources and people to go to in a jam. Unless you are a really good problem solver when it comes to technical issues, its much easier to work in a space with others.