According to recent polls, there are more unhappy employees than happy ones. This is a huge problem, because happier employees are more productive. No one wants to go to work and be miserable. One of the tips to be happier at work is being more engaged. Sometimes the small things add up to make a larger whole. We have some great tips on how to become happier at work.


Having a sense of meaning in your job can make you happier. A big motivator is knowing your work is appreciated and that it has a positive impact for your company. People that have a purpose at work are happier and more productive. It doesn’t always have to be a huge goal like curing cancer. Even small things like helping a coworker that has a question makes a difference. Companies with happier employees know that acknowledging good work really boosts morale.


People that work full time actually spend most of their waking hours at the office. Personalizing your workspace can make it feel at home. Employees that have customized their workspace report being happier at work. Focus on things that bring a calm piece of mind. Plants, artwork, candles and photos will help you balance the stress of your workday. Check with company policy to see how much you can customize your desk and workspace.


Eating healthy and staying hydrated are really important at work. Both will help you maintain energy levels though out your work day. Both play a big part of you being happier at work. Keep heathy snacks in the fridge. Some good ones to keep on hand are yogurt, cherry tomatoes, almonds or sting cheese. These all will provide you with sustained energy during the day. Stay away from sugary or caffeinated drinks during the afternoon. Its best to stick with water to stay hydrated.


Having an organized desk makes you more productive though out the day. When your desk is clean and organized, it makes work feel less hectic and stressful. Plus, you can be more productive when you know where all of your office supplies are. Scrambling around for paper clips or pens can add more stress into your day. High stress situations make employees less productive overall.


Have you ever noticed that people who exercise seem like they are happier? This is no accident. Regular exercise releases endorphins that make you feel great. Office workers are pretty sedentary during their workday. For a burst of energy, try taking a 5 minute walk around your office. Also, you can walk a stairwell. Moving around during the day helps your happiness and productivity.


Having friendships at work makes your team closer. People that are friends can relate better to each other in a work environment. This also can make your team more productive and efficient. Employees who maintain friendships at work also report as being happier overall. Comrade at work makes your job for fun, worthwhile, enjoyable and satisfying. It creates an office support system. Employees can go to each other for work advice or help finishing a complicated task.