There is a new revolution in the business world. Its called “shared workspaces.” The revolutionary concept has recently become very popular. A shared workspace is a central office location that is rented out by various businesses, freelancers and contractors. Its more cost effective than the high rent of an office building, or the added expense of setting up a home office. It also encourages collaboration among workers and businesses alike. Without the restriction of monthly rent or equipment upgrades, you can focus on building your business and managing your workflow more effectively and efficiently.


There are a ton of different ways for you to use your shared workspace. You can choose how much or how little you want to use your space. Its a great way to meet with potential clients or investors. You can also recruit new talent by talking to your other co-workers. It can also help if you are in a creative field and fall into a creative block.

Working Remotely

In this new age of technology, many employees have begun to telecommute. Studies have shown that people working remotely are more efficient at their job. You can choose your level of privacy in a shared workspace. You can rent a closed office or a more open desk space. Some days it may make sense to work only from home. Others when you need to collaborate are perfect for your shared workspace. Its also a great way to network with other professionals. Shared workspaces encourage workers to mingle and discuss business.


The overhead for an office building in a large city is often so large is discourages small business to thrive. The cost of renting an office building for a year is astronomical. The maintenance of just the equipment requires hiring an IT professional. With a shared workspace, IT and maintenance is included in your monthly rate. Looking to upgrade your office equipment can cost you an arm and a leg. You never need to worry about this with a monthly membership fee. You can change around the furniture as much as you want without the added expense.


Its also really important to have a gorgeous meeting room when meeting with potential clients. This is not in the budget for most small businesses or freelancers. By renting a space in one of these types of buildings, conference rooms are designed to impress. It also includes a kitchen area and the most important thing in any office, coffee. Office cleaning staff is yet another business expense that can really take from your bottom line. Renting from a shared workspace includes this service in your monthly fee.


This is another great option for freelancers that travel a lot for their job. Not having to worry about utilities, printer ink, or a even a water cooler is priceless. You are free to travel to where the work is with financial freedom to move around the country. Starting a small business is very risky. With a shared workspace that covers most of the little expenses, it can encourage small business to thrive. Sometimes all it takes is a small step forward to make a huge leap for your future business.