There is a new trend in the workplace. More and more employees are choosing telecommuting over a traditional office environment. Recent studies have shown that employees who choose telecommuting are more productive. This is great for your bottom line. Also, more importantly, these employees are happier. A happy employee is much easier to work with. There are a few downsides to telecommuting though. We have some tips to help solve these common problems.

Work Place

A popular place for telecommuting is work from home. This can work really well for disciplined employees. It removes the some of the distractions that happen in a typical office. But, it can have a negative effect for employees that aren’t as disciplined. Chores and distractions around the home can take away from productivity. Also, limited technology and spotty internet service can be a huge problem. A great solution is a coworking space. These spaces have the latest and greatest technology. The informal and relaxed environment is great for those that are in a creative field. These spaces inspire great work. A membership to one of these spaces is a great idea for a company that encourages telecommuting.


A common problem among remote workers is the feeling of isolation. This is because they are not in contact with coworkers like traditional office workers are. This can be fixed with regular communication. It can come in the form of video chats or brainstorming video sessions. This way they feel apart of the team and not like an outsider. Workers can get down when they feel completely alone. By having constant communication gives the employee a more positive attitude.


Its easy to feel that no one sees your achievements when you are telecommuting. A rewards program can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Set specific guidelines and achievements when you are coming up with a company reward program. The rewards don’t need to be over to top to boost morale. Even a mass email that goes to every employee in your business works well. In this email, feature the employees that have the biggest accomplishments for the month.


Sometimes it can be tough to measure the effectiveness of some of your employees that are telecommuting. Self-reporting isn’t always the best method. Certain people can exaggerate their accomplishments. Automatic tracking and activity reports are a more accurate method of tracking. This way, you can find out the work habits of the people that are telecommuting. Then, you can decide changes or improvements that will deliver better results in the future.


Its also a great idea to consider extra training. This should be available to all employees, including ones that are telecommuting. By offering professional qualifications programs, it encourages employees to learn more about their field. It can also boost productivity by honing the skills of your workers. You also can encourage your employees to become involved in professional organizations. This is especially effective for the people that are telecommuting. It can give them a sense of belonging when they talk to others in their same line of work. They can talk shop and pick up some great tips to improve their productivity.