We spend a majority of our waking hours at work. An important part of your day is productivity. With some tweaks to your workspace, your day will become more productive and efficient. Part of productivity is making your workspace a happy environment. We have some tips to encourage you to be the best worker that you can be.


An inspiring workspace inspires you to work harder and smarter. Try using bright colors around your office. This can be brightly colored office supplies, throw pillows or vibrant desks. Bright colors encourage a positive attitude. A more permanent solution is to paint an accent wall in your workspace. Research shows that bright yellow reinforces calming and cheerful feelings. Inspirational quotes around your workspace also helps keep you on track during your work day. A glance at an inspirational quote reminds you of your goals and what you are working towards.


Natural sunlight is another great way to encourage productiveness. Lack of sunlight can effect people in a physical way by causing a vitamin D deficiency and interfering with our circadian rhythms, effecting our sleep at night. Start by opening all of the blinds in your workspace. This will lighten your mood and help you stay focused during the day. If you are unlucky enough not have have office windows, look into purchasing some smart lighting systems for your workspace. These changes will help your volume of work output stay high.


Artwork on your office walls can do wonders for your workers creativity. Beautiful paintings or photographs are a great resting place for your eyes when you need a break from your screen. Art promotes feelings of happiness and calmness. There are subscription based websites that will deliver art to your workspace. You can change it out at any time and shipping is free. Tasteful curation from these websites ensures that you will always get great pieces for your walls.


Inspiration boards also encourage you and your coworkers to strive for excellence. Hang some bulletin boards around the office and encourage everyone to bring in magazine clippings, book pages or any other printed item that inspires them. This also helps encourage teamwork. Seeing what encourages other team members helps with communication and idea sharing. When the board gets too full, start another one and continue to post.

Personal Items

Your workspace should be your home away from home. Personalizing your area makes your space an extension of you. Bring in photos of your friends and family. Use your own favorite coffee cup. Order pens and pencils in your favorite colors. Bring in a potted plant to keep by your desk. Studies show that bringing a plant into your workspace increases productivity by 15%. Making your desk reflect your personality encourages you to do your best everyday.


Being comfortable is an important part of your day. Choose office furniture that is ergonomically correct. Also be mindful of your body position throughout the day. A bad habit in your body position could effect your productivity for the whole week. The thermostat is also something to watch. Being too cold in an office slows down your efficiency.